Instructor: Francisco Morejón 

General Information

Education is an extremely important human endeavor. Politicians, economists, social scientists, philosophers, business man, always argue that what society needs is to improve education. In this course we will explore and critically analyze the concept of education. In other words, we are going to wrestle with this concept, and see what it tells us about the social, economic, political, and sociological aspects of wanting to educate everybody. The course is designed to present different approaches to the students, so as for them to decide for themselves what is the future of education ought to look like. We will look at the history of education, and deal with different educational philosophers. As we progress through time, we will read and look to case studies around the world of how they are managing their education, and question if that is possible for everyone, or where are we aiming towards? The course is meant to be shared with postgraduate students in the field of education, so there are weeks with heavy and demanding quantities of reading. 


Aims of the course


At the end of the course the student should know the major problems and positions of different educational philosophers. More specifically: 


  1. Students know about liberal education, liberal arts education, progressive education, critical education, radical education etc. 

  2. Students have knowledge about a number of specific positions prominent thinkers have dealt with in the past in terms of education and learning. And in terms of curriculum design, learning methods, and philosophical approaches. 

  3. Students will have gained mastery over different educational tools and methods useful for their own practice and understanding of society. 

The course is demanding and requires compromise, this is the only way to demonstrate mastery in the subject. 

  1. Students will have to write a paper no longer than 3000 thousands words. 

  2. Will have to develop a group presentation on the future of education. 

  3. Lastly, they will have to present a plan, or a research proposal  of a method they will use or develop in their own practice so as to contribute to the re-invention of higher education. 


For who? 


This course is for people interested in improving their educational practice, and would like to explore and research different theories and methods of education. 




  1. Speak English

  2. Engage in debate  

  3. Intrinsically motivated learner

  4. Time compromise 3 hours a week for 10 weeks 

  5. Open minded


It will be co-created to tailor suit students 

3 hours a week


*Este curso fue ofertado en 2019. Si quieres formar parte de una nueva convocatoria del mismo, por favor escríbenos a qilasinfo@gmail.com